9 things to look for while choosing your call center solution:

Advent of E-Commerce and increasing globalization has caused the market for outsourced call center services providers to multiply tenfold. Because technology might have evolved into miraculous abilities but customers when in a fix, trust human voice over some automated machine. These third party call center service providers, handle all the calls for a business entity in a manner that’s is-sync with the brand image.

You need a call center to clear up your staff’s schedule for the main business tasks instead of being on call answering duty. The question however is, how will you choose your call center from an endless list of service providers?

All center service providers look interchangeable when you first start to consider them, so you need to ask specific questions keeping the below mentioned factors in mind for in depth knowledge of the call center’s service level. You will be in better state of mind to make a suitable decisions when you have done your research.

^8BFDE59973448485D7EDD8935D2B7F81FA428A54DEC6DCFC5A^pimgpsh_fullsize_distr        1. KPIs

Call Centers Operation have no hard and fast service standard rules, however they do have KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) that can measure the performance of your call center solution provider. You should have a look at the metrics like Average handling Time (AHT), Average after Call Work Time (ACWT), First Call Resolution Rate (FCR), and Agent Attrition Rate to gain an overall idea of how competent a call center staff is, how well it is trained to handle your clientele.

^78938959E06F5E47674056A0491D44E19AE794C3CAFC3B734D^pimgpsh_fullsize_distr        2. Language Skills

If you are outsourcing your customer service contact system, the language skill is important. The language skill in a call center takes up two meanings. The first is in terms of accent. Unlike most local call centers will lead you to believe, the hint of accent in offshore service providers will give your brand an image of diversity. The important thing is the fluency and command over the language, you can check have your call center agents take a language test to see if they are up to the mark.

Secondly the right words can mean the difference between call abandonment and loyal customer. Positive words can have great power over the customer relationship. You need to judge your call center on both these merits for a better customer contact system.


        3. Disaster Plans

It is important to see what is your prospective call center’s disaster backup strategy? Every business runs the risk of being exposed to circumstances beyond its control and the business prepared for these cases show their commitment to you and their own survival. So if a call center service provider has an efficient backup strategy in face of a catastrophe (act of god or human) than it’s worth considering. Also in off-shore outsourcing you are subjected to the local government.

        4. Security

Security of a call center is of absolute importance, as you know well. The relationship between a call center and your business is that of trust and sincerity. A call center has all the information of your business (from finances to internal processing). It is important to ensure that when you hand out this information to your call center, it shall remain confidential and will be treated as need to know. The officials that are not concerned should not be able to get their hands on business information. Check and recheck a call center for any security breach because a security leak isn’t always a repairable damage.


        5. Technology

A call center service provider should be equipped to handle your calls. You need to ascertain that if the technology of a call center sits well with your customer service strategy. The call center service provider should be able to guarantee crystal voice clarity for your customer satisfaction. All the equipment should be maintained and have all sorts of backup in case there are power fluctuations, internet connection issues or equipment malfunctions.

        6. Client Portfolio

Ask your call center candidates for the portfolio of the clients they have been serving so you could find out what kind of clients that call center has served in the past. If they are low-scale or high-scale and then compare your business operation against it. Follow up at least three of those clients and ask them if they are satisfied with the call center performance and what the extent of their satisfaction is.

        7. Culture & Personality

Make it point to visit the call center setup if possible because it all looks great on calls and website but to have a real feel of a call center operation. The culture of any organization is an influencing factor in regards to overall performance. If the agents are housed in a cramped building with in-house politics raging, their work quality shall be affected and you need to avoid it. The personality of a call center is its environment and the way it presents itself. If it is pleasant and motivational you shall have a higher-level of customer satisfaction.


        8. Multi-channel Service

Another important fact to consider while choosing a call center is to check their customer support on not a single but different communication pathways. Because customers today like to reach a brand on his/her own convenience. S/he could text, email, call or comment on social media so it is important that your call center is able to cater to all these communication mediums with ease and also able to deal with the call that doesn’t remain bound to one communication channel.

        9. Flexibility and Scalibity

The call center service you choose should be flexible and adaptive to fit each caller’s behavior pattern. One shoe doesn’t fit all, it is important to have a plan but if the plan fails the call center agent should be able to improvise. Also it is important that you being the client business, should have all the necessary access to measure your call center’s service level. You will need to monitor call quality, customer reach, and effect on brand image.


Emenac Call Center Services provides call center services for organizations associated with various industries for many of these past years. Big or small, the business size doesn’t compromise the quality of the service. Emenac Call Center Services have relaxed culture that house staff from multiple educational and ethnic backgrounds for a more wholesome service deliverance. Emenac Call Center Services promises a complete client-oriented contact center that merges interests with the businesses they host and are devout to customer support excellence.


Why it’s Time to Engage a Remote Virtual Receptionist?

^273972AAED55D533C3D1676CBC97678E09CE0C7B29B571AEE0^pimgpsh_fullsize_distr.jpgSuppose it’s a typical day in your office, your company is slammed with the seasonal traffic and as an authoritative figure you have to oversee everything.

With all the added pressure and busy schedule, what if you receptionist call in sick? And you are left to organize everything as well as manage them. Doesn’t that sound like a lot of unasked-for frustration and burden? Besides even if you find someone to fill in for the receptionist, chances are high that their inexperience will confuse the workflow.

So Emenac Call Center Services is presenting with you with an advanced alternative of engaging virtual receptionist service.

^30BEA2DD00C5627B64CD407F8FCB3AA8E91877C8573B451463^pimgpsh_fullsize_distrYour firm’s reception will never be without supervision again, also it will make your firm look more geographically & technologically advanced. Our skilled receptionists are lingual masters with quick thinking and effective problem solving capabilities. Emenac Call Center Services’ virtual receptionist service will manage your office from remote location.


Portrait of young operator with headset looking at camera with friendly smile

Virtual receptionists help you manage your all desk tasks, manage inventory, appointment setting, phone answering, phone order taking service, inventory management and data entry type of tasks that can help you save thousand minutes of your precious time.


Our service tactics are effective without being imposing. So you will not have obligations to a physical office space, you may travel and expand while our receptionists will prioritize tasks and oversee their execution. Your company’s work needn’t to be disturbed in its flow due to absence of receptionists since we can work 24/7 in rain or shine.

Due to our collaborated system, more than one agents can work on your reception desk without any information holes.


Still skeptical? Here is a check list of benefits of our virtual receptions services:

  • Always Available and up to the speed with current happenings in the organization.
  • Ethical, courteous and strictly professional services.
  • Appointment settings, reschedules, online transactions, researches and assistance. Our virtual receptionists are always complaint with a warm smile.
  • Affordable and easily blended into your work style.
  • Our reception desk will take care of your reservations and reminders so your official and even social calendar will always be effectively managed.
  • It gives your organization an air of technological visionary infrastructure.