Email Support Services

Email still remains to be a major communication pathway both B2B and B2C. People prefer its formality and simplicity. Each business today receives a giant load of emails originated from different resources that it becomes hard to go through them with individual focus, as necessitated by the company’s policy.



The customers especially, who send emails expect prompt replies because they underestimate the bulk of the email received by the company every day. They demand attention exclusively and promptly. To relieve the companies who are going through the trouble of a giant, out of the hand inbox; Emenac Call Center Services proudly presents its Email Customer Support Services. Here’s a comparison between an in-house email support desk vs. how we make it better.

In House Email Support Services Emenac Call Center Services’ Email Support

Unorganized and always overflowing inbox


Organized inbox with every email dealt with just as it comes in.

Over worked, overwhelmed, email correspondent making a poor job of answering emails.


A trained & qualified email support team, diligently working to answer each email with care to brand image.

Same boring templates that discourages further communication.


Interactive and creative templates that encourage communication making customer feel cared for.
Poor Writing Skills


Skilled writing techniques that delight customers by matching the tone of query. Each word is used written to promote brand without being imposing.
Little or no follow-ups Continued follow-ups to keep the brand active in inboxes


Competent in both technology and human resources, Emenac Call Center Services Email Support desk is the best option for your business to charm customers into higher retention rates. Our services are affordable and tailored designed to best suit the requirements of our clients. Call now at +1.888.909.2207 and we will tell you how you can use emails to encourage long-term customer loyalty.