Welcome & Feedback Calling

Maintaining customer loyalty and establishing good relationships is very important for businesses of all kinds and that is where Emenac Call Center Services comes into picture providing you and your gratified clients with the right kind of information in the most professional way possible. Welcome & feedback calling is a must especially when you’re attracting new clients and retaining existing clients. Our tech savvy inbound and outbound call center makes it easy for your businesses to maintain timely feedback calling and convincing welcome calls providing your business with the professional image that it deserves. We believe that any size or type of business has the potential to grow, all we need to do is allocate our resources efficiently. Emenac Call Center Services has been helping a large number of companies for more than 10 years and can help you grow and expand as well.


Ranging from outbound survey calls to inbound welcome calls, Emenac Call Center Services happens to exceed in all such areas with flying colors. Emenac Call Center Services has been running successfully for the past many years and is still on the go to make business easy for you and your customers.  By lending our call center services and agents to you, we make sure all your clients are approached and entertained in the best possible manner. We know the importance of customers and always make sure that none of them goes unanswered. Our high-tech inbound and outbound telephone services and trained call center representatives helps attract a large number of potential clients for your business. We know the importance of expanding and growing and we happen to specialize in that area. We can help you by providing you with top notch welcome and feedback calling services.


Outsourcing Call Centers

Outsourcing Call Centers is good but Choose a Well Reputed Call Center for Customer Support Services

A large number of call center jobs have been created in the past 20 years. Many small scale companies that couldn’t afford to purchase call center equipment and hire trained staff members started outsourcing their call center amenities with already established companies.

^9DA8D9F47868B972BC180028364167E5559C5393B6614320DF^pimgpsh_fullsize_distr.jpgAfter outsourcing with other companies, the cost of call centers significantly dropped but many businesses failed to realize the hidden cost. Many business entrepreneurs may have saved a fortune on setting up a call center, but what cost them the most was the quality of customer interactions. They came across a large number of complaints regarding language, accent, sound quality and proper attention. This not only affected the customer retention ratio, but also limited the number of new potential clients.

During the peak days of the outsourcing trend, more than 30 percent of the call center jobs were offshore. In the past few years, that number has come down after many cases of customer backlash were reported. Since the past few years, A substantial amount of companies have started providing in-house customer support services rather than depending on the outsource system because no one likes to see frustrated customers.

Maintaining Company Image Is Essential

These days, no customer approaches you without doing proper research and if they find out something negative about you on the internet, there is a good chance they’ll shift to some other company (probably your competitor). There are a few areas that need to be improved in order to maintain a positive caller experience and generate positive results.

A few areas that require the most attention to successfully run a call center consist of call center procedures, telephone network and call operators.

Telephone Network

In order to stay away from issues such as call drops, irritating on-hold music, system outages and confusing prompts, it is always better to purchase and check your equipment yourself. This will not only eliminate all sorts of communication gaps, but will also allow you to maintain a well-organized inbound and outbound telephone network.


Call Operators

As mentioned above in t^3A430891A46B4B83875DE1F6AAB3D0EE79A0C9D9B7E5FA0F37^pimgpsh_fullsize_distr.jpghe cable company incident when the conversation went viral, the main reason for the escalating matter was the call center agent who didn’t respect the customer and couldn’t handle the call professionally. There are many reasons for such incidents to prevail. Some of the prominent ones are lack of training, education and product knowledge. Inexperienced call center operator can cause collateral damage to any well-established call center service provider.

There are instances when call center agents are either underpaid or poorly trained which leads to bad communication and unhappy customers. In order to avoid all such inconveniences, it is always good to hire educated agents who could be easily trained. Lastly, it is also very important to appreciate them and compensate them whenever required and the productivity will automatically begin to improve.


Call Center Procedures

Call center procedures may differ from each other in terms of policies or service quality. Multiple companies have their own set of rules and regulations and all telephone operators are required to abide by them. In some cases, the rules might be understandable, but in other cases, a certain amount of changes are required.

For example in some cases, customer representatives are required to keep customers on hold until they have resolved a certain issue with the managerial staff. In situations like these, customers usually get frustrated and hang up calls. Customers should be the first priority of any call center and the delay in procedures should be avoided as much as possible. It is important to build your brand and image and providing the best customer support service is the best way of doing that. Any company’s reputation is at stake the moment you pick up a call, so always make sure to keep customers your first priority.




If you are getting heavy load of incoming calls and are thinking about hiring more heads to better handle the calls? Engaging Emenac Call Center Services will prove to more effective and efficient move. Since it will save you the trouble to train new agents and give them office space not to mention the absenteeism and extra cost.  Emenac Call Center Services employs expert agents who will ensure the highest customer retention rate you have attained yet. We provide world-class overflow handling services to all sorts and sizes of businesses.


Our agents in our offshore office will be working throughout the year regardless to conflicting time zones and holiday seasons.


Our First Call Resolution rates are higher because of the expertise of our agents which naturally makes us achieve higher customer retention rates.


Any information extracted from client or customers remains strictly confined to relevant authorities alone. Our latest technology eliminates any security leaks.


We can adjust pricing to better fit your budget without compromising the quality of the service. We covet lasting terms over making profit.


We record information and keep files updated as desired by our customers. All records are preserved and backed up for future references.


All customer calls are recorded as they are attended so we can monitor the agent’s performance and we can extend those records to your business administration for any analysis of feedback or customer support service performance.


Everybody hates hold times so we make sure your customers do not have to wait long before they are totally satisfied. We believe in spoiling your customers with best possible customer support.


No issue of customer is taken lightly at Emenac Call Center Services. We continuously opt to maintain our lead position in market and make your brand stand out in competition. Customers today have come to expect customer support that will make them feel cared for long after closing a deal. We proud ourselves on our highest customer retention rates and service level.


You can be a corporate giant or a small entrepreneur we will tailor our overflow answering service with varying pricing solutions as per your convenience. All business struggle while expanding and Emenac Call Center Services likes to create lasting relationships by helping business strengthen more than our profits so we are sure together we can come up with perfect business plan.


Emenac Call Center services has been a member of the corporate world for over a decade. Our operation is a perfect blend of weathered entrepreneurship techniques and modern technology. We will not claim that we can anticipate every situation in advance because there are always firsts but we have grown enough to anticipate most of situations and handle them with professionalism and human touch.


Emenac Call Center Services believes in empowerment of the call agents so we offer our agents trainings, incentives and flexible hours to counteract many challenges which are being faced by Call Center Industry. Our agent attrition rate is lowest because we retain employees by taking care of their physical and mental health and as a result our agents are enthusiastic, motivated to serve your customer with utter devotion as befits your brand image.