Why it’s Time to Engage a Remote Virtual Receptionist?

^273972AAED55D533C3D1676CBC97678E09CE0C7B29B571AEE0^pimgpsh_fullsize_distr.jpgSuppose it’s a typical day in your office, your company is slammed with the seasonal traffic and as an authoritative figure you have to oversee everything.

With all the added pressure and busy schedule, what if you receptionist call in sick? And you are left to organize everything as well as manage them. Doesn’t that sound like a lot of unasked-for frustration and burden? Besides even if you find someone to fill in for the receptionist, chances are high that their inexperience will confuse the workflow.

So Emenac Call Center Services is presenting with you with an advanced alternative of engaging virtual receptionist service.

^30BEA2DD00C5627B64CD407F8FCB3AA8E91877C8573B451463^pimgpsh_fullsize_distrYour firm’s reception will never be without supervision again, also it will make your firm look more geographically & technologically advanced. Our skilled receptionists are lingual masters with quick thinking and effective problem solving capabilities. Emenac Call Center Services’ virtual receptionist service will manage your office from remote location.


Portrait of young operator with headset looking at camera with friendly smile

Virtual receptionists help you manage your all desk tasks, manage inventory, appointment setting, phone answering, phone order taking service, inventory management and data entry type of tasks that can help you save thousand minutes of your precious time.


Our service tactics are effective without being imposing. So you will not have obligations to a physical office space, you may travel and expand while our receptionists will prioritize tasks and oversee their execution. Your company’s work needn’t to be disturbed in its flow due to absence of receptionists since we can work 24/7 in rain or shine.

Due to our collaborated system, more than one agents can work on your reception desk without any information holes.


Still skeptical? Here is a check list of benefits of our virtual receptions services:

  • Always Available and up to the speed with current happenings in the organization.
  • Ethical, courteous and strictly professional services.
  • Appointment settings, reschedules, online transactions, researches and assistance. Our virtual receptionists are always complaint with a warm smile.
  • Affordable and easily blended into your work style.
  • Our reception desk will take care of your reservations and reminders so your official and even social calendar will always be effectively managed.
  • It gives your organization an air of technological visionary infrastructure.



Phone Order Taking (Inbound Sales)

Emenac Call Center Services has helped small businesses stabilize and large businesses expand and the main reason for that is our experience, commitment and dedication to make sure all your calls are answered with the same level of energy and compassion on a 24/7 basis. We know business can be tough sometimes therefore, we assign our team of highly trained professionals to make sure all your callers are entertained professionally that they can provide efficient phone order taking services. Emenac Call Center Services is known for having a well-connected call routing system that allows the entire call center network to never keep calls on hold. We specialize in handling urgent calls, overflow calls and after hours calls leaving behind no stone unturned. Let us handle your inbound calls while you focus on other more important things.

phone help desk.jpgA potential buyer these days never purchases a product or service until or unless he/she is 100% sure and confident about its usage and quality. This is the point where the trained and dedicated staff members of Emenac Call Center Services come into picture to make sure all your phone calls are answered in the best possible way. We know what it’s like to be swamped with heavy call inflows and that is why we have designed our infrastructure in a way that leaves no call go unanswered. Some of the features such as three way dialing, power dialing and intelligent reporting makes the phone order taking process even easier for us as well as your gratified clients. You don’t have to go through the hectic process of setting up a call center and hire trained agents, Emenac Call Center Services can take care of that area with complete ease and effectiveness.